Information Update

  • The following are some of my updates.

    I recently created a group on Facebook fopr family and friends to communicate. I wonder why people are leaving the group. I gather it could be that they don't like to communicate. Oh well, I guess I have wasted my time. But in the end, I was able to let everyone know that I wanted to wish you all a happy Christmas holiday season and I hope you all will have a great new year.

    I am working on a blog that will be controversial to some and knowledgeable to others. It will be my point of view regarding the holidays. I always look at challenges from an outside of the box view as I can see what is good, bad and neutral for most, if not all, situations.

    I have a few new wood projects on the burner, but I have to wait until the weather warms up as I can't paint with the magnetic / blackboard paint in the 11c weather. Our homes are not heated like they are in Canada.

    The strong cold winds don't help either. Buildings here are made with concrete RC walls which will be cold when it is cold outside and hot when it's hot outside.

    I hope that those of you who are in the bad weather storms will have no challenges during the storms.

    I have been researching for a better chat system that the Carriere family, relatives and friends can use to chat with others. Facebook has been hacked by various groups as they are too big and hackers want access to the customer information. By Facebook allowing unvetted third party developers access to the customer information, they opened up the site to hackers breaking into the core of Facebook. Some of you will know what I am referring to, some don't. Just be careful not to use any credit card purchases on Facebook, Google or Twitter. They all have the same problem.

    This website is a social networking site but doesn't have advertisers or third-party access to any tracking information. We don't allow third parties to track our member activities as we prefer privacy over having advertisements including no games. Games come with trackers which also includes marketing ads. The more online games you play, including any Facebook third party apps. the more you are opening the doors for hackers to gain access to your private information.

    If you have any questions regarding this website, want to contribute, or have suggestions, please use the contact form and Ed will review your questions.

    I will post updates from time to time. Feel free to tell your friends about this website.