• Two days left before I deactivate all of my Facebook accounts. Once deactivated, I will only be available in my www.ookn.info website. Accounts are available which includes a free email address.

    Facebook has changed a lot since it first began. Some good but most of it was for the worse reasons. When they opened up their code to developers, it opened up too many holes for the developers to steal your private information.

    In two days, when I deactivate my account, it is written that my account information will not be available to friends and the general public but it will remain available for Facebook to do whatever it wants for a 6 month period. IE: They can resell the information that they have collected over time to other third parties.

    They don't want to delete my content as they know that they will lose money as telemetry information is like gold to marketing companies.

    Please be careful what you post in Facebook as it instantly reverts to Facebook ownership of any content you post. Even if the content is copy-written, they will be the new owners of the content. Read the Terms Of Service to better understand what I am writing about.

    When you signed up for an account, the Terms state that you give a blank permission to Facebook for all content you post online to do as they please. Any photo, blog, article, video, etc becomes the property of Facebook once you post it online.

    Recently, they have started to push content that they want you to start liking even if the content is offensive. They are pushing suggestions, recommendations, friends you may know, (they keep repeating the friends), games, apps and more... Enough is enough!!! Facebook has become an addiction to all of you who can not live without checking it every day.