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  • BrotherEd
    BrotherEd added 1 photo(s).
    • May 1, 2018
  • BrotherEd
    BrotherEd: These are photos of the beginning of my home workshop. It will take some time to complete everything as I still have to move things around to make it a useful workshop.

    I currently have made this workbench by myself. I wanted to have a workbench where I can work on projects instead of using chairs and the floor. The table saw is at the same height which will make it easier to cut wood when the workbench can be used to help support large pieces of wood.

    I have several tools that I have purchased over the last month. A Rexxon Table Saw, a DeWalt Jigsaw, a Taflon Electric Sander and other necessary woodworking tools. I will be adding more extensions to the workbench where I can hang tools.

    The lighting will be changed within the next week or so. The compact fluorescent is not going to be useful for working in low light.

    You may leave comments... ;)
    • April 27, 2018
    • BrotherEd
      BrotherEd I am adding some shelving to the workbench. This will allow me to place tools on it and also be a place for papers.
      • April 29, 2018